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In addition to the services below, AIC also offers; Welding and steel fabrication repair and services, Cargo tank mobile inspections and repairs
Protective & HAZMAT Tank Linings. Liquid spray and corrosion control.

AIC is an authorized CT (Cargo Tank) repair & inspection facility providing sprayable protective coatings to the chemical hauling transportation business. This very specialized procedure is performed on all types of vessels, including; carbon, stainless steel, and aluminum tanks.  We have been sandblasting and lining cargo trailers and storage containers for some of the top transportation companies in the country for over 10 years. AIC has the equipment and experience to install just about any liquid spray coating. Some of the more common coatings we apply are:




Flaked Epoxies



Coal Tars & Rubberized coatings

And many more. Some of these coatings can withstand even the most harsh chemical applications including:

Sulfuric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid

Benzyl Chloride


Diesel & other fuels

We understand that protecting your trailer and the load you're hauling are paramount. AIC performs a multitude of testing, before, during and after installation to guarantee 100% coverage and protection to all wetted parts of your vessel. We provide on site and mobile inspections, full inspection reports with recommendations and action plans to get you back on the road quickly. AIC always strictly adheres to all coating manufactures application data sheets. All lining applications are warrantied and follow up inspections are provided. Give us a call and an experienced AIC representative will be glad to work out the best plan to get your equipment back in service quickly. 

Sandblasting & Heavy Equipment Painting


AIC has been sandblasting and top coat painting since day one. Trucks, Trailers, Heavy equipment, you name it. If it can fit into our 50ft truck spray booth, we can paint it. We utilize conventional, air assisted and airless spray equipment to provide outstanding top coat finishes. AIC partners with all the major paint suppliers such as; Dupont, PPG, Sherwin Williams and others and can match and spray just about any color. Preparation is the key to any great paint job, and when it comes to sandblasting, AIC has invested into the equipment to get it done. 

We have blast equipment for every type of job. Our big 8000 lb. top load blast pot handles the big, heavily corroded projects, while our smaller- 1000 lb, 600 lb and 300 lb pots handle more delicate projects. We use many types of blasting media including, crushed glass, steel grit, copper slag and aluminum oxide. Our company also has the unique capability of Vacuum blasting and pipe blasting. Our trailer mounted blast/ reclaim system is mobile and used to blast and reclaim media from inside tanks and storage containers. All of this equipment allows us to sandblast very large equipment in half the time it would take other shops, thus saving you money AND precious time. Check out our Gallery of past projects.

Powder Coating & Thermal Spray (metalizing)

When it comes to powder coating, AIC can do it all. From large scale heavy parts, to small custom projects, we have the equipment, expertise AND plenty of oven space to meet your demands. We use 3 (batch type) ovens with a combined length of over 60 ft.  With this kind of space, we can coat and cure a wide variety of parts, and a lot of them. Our ability to coat and cure many parts at a time makes us a much more economical choice than others with smaller equipment. This also means faster turnaround times for you.  AIC uses world leader, Gema powder spray equipment and runs multiple units at a time in two approved powder spray booths totaling 66ft of sprayable space. 

Powder coating has come a long way since its inception in the 1950's. Today there are thousands of colors and Super Durable products to protect, restore and make your parts look real nice. Some of the more common parts we coat are:

Steel fencing-all types and weight

Highway guardrail assembly's

Door and window frames

Trailer frames

Heavy steel plating

Race car frames

Rims & custom car parts

And thousands of other stuff.

Most everything we powder coat will be sandblasted. Parts that cannot be blasted will be liquid cleaned and or hand sanded. We stand behind everything we coat and have the equipment to take on large production type projects. Check out some of our work in the gallery section of this site, and

Please contact us to discuss your next project.


Yes, we do this, too. Combining Thermal Spray, or Metalizing with powder coat provides a superior corrosion resistant barrier to any part. AIC uses multiple Combustion wire spray guns to spray just about any type wire up to 3/16 inch thickness. 

Zinc, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless, & Carbon Steel,

And combinations of wire. 

This metal spraying technique has been around for ages and and is far superior to just painting alone. Thermal Spray has become the preferred method for coating protection on steel structures. Check out the video of  us metalizing in action in the Gallery section of this site. Whether you need metalizing only, metalizing with a powder coat finish or metalizing with a liquid spray top coat, AIC can do it right here in our facility.

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